CD Players

CD players can be a bit intimidating for seniors. Most of them have rows and rows of buttons, multiple discs and remote controls with ambiguous symbols. The key to seniors enjoying music is simplicity. Many of the extras features that most consumers enjoy are just in the way. TouchBrite rates and reviews CD players based on their easy of use, durability and how the work for senior citizens. We look for CD players that are simple in design and use large buttons.

The Tivoli CD player is attractive, durable and simple to use. The device front loads a single CD which alleviates the need to handle a multiple disc player.


At first I didn't think this unit would work well for seniors. The CD Player has a 3-disc changer that does add some complexity, but I think its other features make up for it.


This CD player from Tivoli offers a combination of easy of use and attractive styling. The single front loading CD players makes adding new CDs simple and avoids the need to handle multiple discs.


This CD Player from Coby could be a great CD Player for seniors. It's very simple and only has a few buttons.